THIS IS NOT A TRADITIONAL ACTING CLASS! Our workshops consist of a project based curriculum in which students are trained and prepared for actual roles in productions that are produced during the course of the workshop. Each student is provided with an edited copy of the production.



(For Kids/Teens workshops please click here.)


Short Film Workshop - $1,650 (Adults & Teens) Orlando & LA

6wks/12(two hour) classes, plus homework and must be available for 5 days of production. Register Now


Feature Length Movie Workshop - $5,500 (Adults Only) Orlando & LA
12wks/24(two hour) classes, plus homework, assignments, and must be available for three(5 day) weeks of production. Register Now



Our acting workshops are for beginners or experienced actors. We

will evaluate your skills and determine the best role to highlight your

talents for your reel and future work.

Students are trained by top instructors in scene study, character analysis

and acting for camera; then given pre-determined roles in quality



Payment plan options available. Email: finance@co-operativestudios.com

for more information.


There is a one time registration fee of $55 for adults and $25 for kids/teens for all workshops.



Learn Acting, While Acting






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